Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep

Our farm is located in southwest Missouri and is home to a flock of “Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep”.   For such a long name, they are actually quite small creatures.  In fact they are often called miniature sheep.  They are actually a heritage breed that has been around for a very long time!

My adventure as a shepherd began in 2005.  We had been searching for an organic solution for grass and weed control in our vineyard. Although we started with the sheep for a practical reason, before long they had woven their way into my heart.

Between 2006 and 2019 the sheep produced many lambs that were sold as barnyard pets.  In this website, I’ve written a lot about their care and especially about lambing, to hopefully benefit others.

After the 2019 lambing season, my daughter and I decided to mainly focus on their wool (rather than producing lambs) due to my parents needing much more care and for me to be available for the unexpected.  We will miss the sweet little lambs each spring, but are very excited about having more time to devote to our woolly adventures.

Our Shops

Over the years, my daughter has become my true partner in managing the sheep.  We also process and enjoy their wool.  Both of us maintain Etsy shops:

Natasha’s is Made In A Cottage

Mine (Kristin’s) is My Little Sheep

If you are looking for hand spun yarns, you’ll want to start your search in Natasha’s shop since she typically spins more.  I love to dye the wool and am becoming quite hooked on weaving.  We both usually have a knitting project going too. So our shops reflect our various interests and change often.

If you live in our area, we also offer many of the yarns for sale at our winery:  Lambs and Vines Winery   Since the winery hours vary with the seasons, be sure to check the website before coming.  If you come when the sheep are grazing the winery vineyard (spring and fall seasons), you might enjoy sitting on the patio sipping wine while knitting with the wool of the sheep you are watching graze!